Kiss Life While You Got Her

by NY77

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Goodbye my friend
I'm gonna bring your love with me
Our way now splits in two, just longing for an end
But the road I have to run is so long
Got no time to hang around
Now so long

We just
Getting our kicks in before the music goes silent
I'm in a different state of mind since we lost Ryan
Now I'm trying to live it as if I'm dying
Every minute that passes I'm fitting to grasp it in time
With a grip of iron
Don't let it go until you've breathed on it, made it yours
And there's no denying that
Things have changed since I quit faking in dreams and
Created this thing that brang my game closer to dialed in
Than it's ever been since I was back in Virginia
Just a virginal teen, at church purging his demons
Dreaming of hitting that cement running from all he'd been taught
Then day he turned 18, shit or get off the pot
Then Knate wouldn't get out the shot
Now alias Knate Lee hoofing it to the spot
To take the stage whether or not he getting paid
He ain't afraid, in fact he can't wait to lay in the bed he's made
Funking a crowd out for an hour or two
Then walking a shouter back to the powder room
Louder, miss
Now don't you hold back 'cause in the end we know there's only one path outta this
And Howard Moon cowardice is nothin' to live by
Dying, crying how you still got so much to give, naahhh
I'm living to win, so forgive me for my sins, Lord
But I'm going at it Vince Noir 'til it ends, boi
And that's the Mighty Truth, how could I lie to you
When you in the same boat as me
But I hope ya'll noticed we been
Taking on water since the day we came out our mothers
The grave is approaching, partner
Kiss life while you got her

I'm gonna take my life away
Or just pretend it was a play
All along


released January 8, 2012
Lyrics/Vocals by Knate Lee
Music: "Goodbye My Friend" by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Recorded, Produced & Mixed by Knate Lee




NY77 Los Angeles, California

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